Clinique FOCUS

Specializing in ADHD

Clinique FOCUS is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2010. One of its main goals is to enhance the well-being of people with ADHD and their families.

Several clinicians offer their services to Clinique FOCUS as independent professionals dedicated to this mission.

The clinic's medical assessment and treatment services are covered by Québec's health insurance plan. Other services (psychological and neuropsychological consultations) are private.


The Clinique FOCUS team would like to graciously thank its partners and associates:

Thanks to Imédia for providing technical advice and for designing our logo and the pictograms included in the documents produced by our team and linked to the Tips section on our website.

Imprimerie Le Laurentien
The portfolios used by Clinique FOCUS were designed and printed by the team at Imprimerie Le Laurentien. The current design is exclusive to Clinique FOCUS. If any other clinic wishes to use the same portfolio principle, we advise you to hire professionals and we highly recommend this team. They will analyze your needs and propose portfolios adapted to those needs.

Médecin du Québec
We would like to thank the editorial team from Le Médecin du Québec for their expert assistance and advice in developing the August 2013 special edition focusing on ADHD. This motivating project allowed the Clinique FOCUS team, in collaboration with Dr. Simon-Pierre Proulx, to develop ADHD teaching tools intended for both health professionals and the general public. Click here to access them.

Clinique FOCUS sincerely thanks Purdue, Shire and Janssen-Ortho for their support (unrestricted grants) for improving our client services. These grants have helped us develop assessment and follow-up tools, support staff training and assist nurses in their duties.
The physicians and psychologists employed at Clinique FOCUS draw no financial benefits from these funding sources.