Clinique FOCUS

Clinique FOCUS, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010, also registered under the name FOCUS Inspiration.

Clinique FOCUS would like to acknowledge all the persons and organisations that contribute through their expertise, creativity and time to support its mission.

Clinique FOCUS would also like to thank the pharma companies Janssen Ortho, Purdue and Shire for their support through non restrictive grants to help enhance the well-being of those living with ADHD and related disorders and also to those who care for them through, among others, the development of evaluation and follow-up tools, educational material made available to all in French on and Tools and documents produced by Clinique FOCUS that have been translated in English can be accessed on the English version of

Please note that physicians and professionals working with the multidisciplinary team of Clinique FOCUS participate pro-bono to those projects and receive no financial benefit from those grants.

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