Useful Gadgets

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Time-management tools: Skoach®

Time Timer
Visual clocks: Time Timer TM , Available from FDMT Entreprises, for example .

Vibrating watches: Time Timer TM, Global Assistive

Moving stool (allows movement while staying seated). Available from Varier

Balance cushions and exercise balls (allow movement while staying seated). Available from FDMT Entreprises, for example .

animal lourd
Weighted stuffed animals (provide weight that helps children stay in place for a longer time). Available from FDMT Entreprises.

Tangles (to keep fingers busy). Available from FDMT Entreprises.

coquille insonorisante
Noise-cancelling headphones (help block out ambient noise). Available from FDMT Entreprises.

Homework-assistance kit for students with ADHD. Available from FDMT Entreprises.


Fun educational game about ADHD (children aged 6 to 12)

To make information on ADHD more accessible, Dr. Annick Vincent and CADDRA have developed general infosheets that clinicians can give to their patients. If you would like brief educational documents on ADHD, feel free to download them and to use them to inform your family members.

For further information, go to and visit the Resources section to find the contact information for several ADHD support groups.